Mentoring: The Best Kept Secret of Onboarding [Training Journal]

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Laura Francis

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How River and MentorcliQ use mentoring for onboarding - TJ articleMentoring: The Best Kept Secret of Onboarding

By Laura Francis
Published in Training Journal
November 10, 2020

This article in Training Journal by Laura Francis looks at how MentorcliQ and River use mentoring to onboard new employees. We practice what we preach.


Article Sneak Peek:

The company I work for was recently acquired by a competitor. My teammates and I are now in the process of onboarding with this new company, learning about their organizational culture, figuring out our new roles, meeting new teammates, and getting a crash-course in how they approach mentoring compared to how we do.

I’m thrilled to say it is all going well and there is a natural fit between our two organizations and our philosophies about mentoring software. But it’s also a learning experience and a change.

I like to think I’m pretty easygoing and can adapt to change when necessary (a critical life skill as a mom to a child with significant disabilities), but let’s be honest…I’m not sure the majority of people really like change. We just find ways to cope with it.

One of the highlights of this new adventure I find myself on is that we are using mentoring as part of the onboarding process. MentorcliQ welcomed the River team with open arms and access to mentors – and I’m loving every minute of it.

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