Business Mentoring Program Case Studies

Sodexo Mentoring Case Study

A Best-in-Class Mentoring Program Food services and facilities management company Sodexo is known as the world leader in Quality of Life services. They are also known for their commitment to diversity and mentoring. In 2004, Sodexo started their ... Read more

Fortune 500 Tech Company

A Fortune 500 tech company implemented River mentoring software and saw a 7% increase in retention factors among participating employees, and a 10% increase in job satisfaction. Read more

Fortune 500 Financial Services Provider

A Fortune 500 financial services provider uses River as a central, global, employee-driven mentoring program that took the place of 18 private, disparate mentoring programs. Read more

Articles Featuring River Clients

Black Belt Mentors

Published in Chief Learning Officer, September 2017

Whether done informally or formally, certifying people to lead mentoring programs is an important component for success. Randy Emelo shares how to train mentors and leaders in this article, which features a case study on the U.S. GAO regarding this issue. Read more

Expert Advice

Published in Chief Learning Officer, October 2016

The most appropriate advisors aren’t always atop the learning heap. An ideal advisor may be just a step or two above the learner. This article from Randy Emelo shares stories from US LBM and Cognizant, and includes ideas for how to engage learners at all phases of the employee lifecycle. Read more

Reshaping the Learner Mindset

Published in Training Journal, October 2015

In this cover story, Randy Emelo explores how to best prepare people for personalized and collaborative learning, showcasing how Xerox uses an innovative social learning manager certification process. Read more

Shift Your Focus with Modern Mentoring

Published in TD, September 2015

In a nutshell, mentoring is learning from the experience of others. Randy Emelo shares how organizations are modernizing their approach to mentoring and the results they are getting. Read more