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River is your full-service mentoring solution...not just mentoring software. With decades of experience in online mentoring programs, we provide our clients with unprecedented expertise, insights, and thought leadership, in addition to great software.

Manage, Track, and Grow

With River’s business mentoring software, you can easily launch, manage, track, and grow your mentoring programs. From traditional paired mentoring to more modern group mentoring and reverse mentoring, take the guesswork out of matching people up by using River’s intelligent proprietary matching algorithm. Through our configurable platform, you control who joins, how people connect, what larger organizational programs you connect mentoring to, and what measures to track to prove success.

Decades of Experience

With River’s consulting and services, you can tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of mentoring thought leaders. We have decades of experience with online mentoring and will guide you every step of the way, helping you put strategies and plans in place to ensure success. Our strategic conversations with you will shift with the cadence of your mentoring programs, covering important program implementation and expansion topics such as: mentee and mentor recruitment, program marketing and promotion, stakeholder socialization, measurement and metrics, risk mitigation, and training and education strategies.

Awards and Recognition

What do you say?

So what do you say? Are you ready for mentoring software that can help you tackle the administrative burdens of running a mentoring program? Are you ready to engage us in collaborative conversations around the strategies to put in place to ensure that your mentees and mentors receive the support they need to be effective in their mentoring relationships?

We’re ready to be your mentoring software and solution partner, so contact River today to see our award-winning mentoring software in action...and to learn how you can do more with mentoring.



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