Awards and Recognition for River Mentoring Program

River is honored to have won numerous awards over the years, including...

Thought leader in mentoring

Our clients and the human resources/organizational talent development world at large see River as the thought leader in mentoring, a mantle we are proud to uphold. Helping our clients build award-winning mentoring programs shines a light on the hard work our clients do to achieve success, and the role we play in helping them get there.

Do more with mentoring

We encourage our clients to “do more with mentoring.” To support this, we offer consulting services and training options, which, together with our software, provide our clients with a holistic approach to ensure success with their mentoring initiatives. In short, our clients are never alone. We are always by their side as they launch, manage, measure, and scale their mentoring programs.

We can support you

Our clients use River for a variety of initiatives and in numerous ways. River can be used to support:

  • Leadership development
  • Employee engagement
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Supporting recently promoted employees (e.g., new manager development)
  • Employee productivity
  • Retention efforts/reducing attrition
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • High-potential development
  • Succession planning
  • Extending training efforts through continuous learning and on-the-job support
  • Retaining knowledge among employees/mitigating the brain drain
  • Peer collaboration
  • Performance feedback
  • Collaborative learning
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Coaching
  • Reverse mentoring
  • Group mentoring
  • Traditional 1:1 mentoring
  • Formal and informal mentoring
  • Collaborative learning

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