Consulting, Training, and Support from Mentoring Software Experts

River is a full-service mentoring solution…not just mentoring software. With decades of experience in online mentoring programs, we provide our clients with unprecedented expertise, insights, and thought leadership.

We will help you…

  • Identify the business goals to which you can tie your mentoring program
  • Determine who to invite as part of your program
  • Develop a communication and PR plan
  • Pinpoint the areas to track and measure for success that are right for you

The Personal Touch

Our company was started as a consulting business before we became pioneers in web-based mentoring software, and that personal touch and expertise can be seen in all aspects of what we do. Here are some of the services we provide to help ensure the successful use of the software.

Contact us for more specifics and to discuss your needs. We’re happy to help and look forward to serving you!

Program Administration

Let the experts at River help you manage your mentoring program. From day-to-day administration and program marketing to matching and reporting, the team at River can take the burden off your hands and make your job easier. The specific deliverables that make up the service will depend on your specific needs and can be scoped upon additional conversation. They can include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Implementation of marketing, communication, and/or recruitment campaigns
  • Initial and ongoing/ad-hoc site configurations
  • Administrator training and support
  • Facilitation of third-party matches
  • Program reporting
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Strategic Program Design Consulting

The experts at River can help you navigate the waters as you plan and launch your mentoring initiatives. The specific deliverables that make up our services will depend on your specific needs and can be scoped upon additional conversation. They can include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Strategic planning session(s) and program integration consulting to help identify:

  • Programs for integration and associated audiences/participant selection
  • Business purpose and expected impacts
  • Key executive and program stakeholders
  • Scheduling and timing considerations
  • Types of mentoring that should/will be utilized (e.g., paired, group)
  • How participants will be matched (e.g., third-party, self-directed)

Development and implementation of key program plans, including:

  • Implementation and program launch
  • Stakeholder analysis and socialization approach
  • Marketing and communication
  • User training and education
  • Measurement and impact analysis
  • Risk identification and mitigation

Stakeholder/Program Champion coaching, which offers strategic coaching and guidance on how to ensure a successful implementation and expansion of the program.

Training and Education Services

Get your participants in River started off on the right foot with our mentee and mentor training. We offer training on a variety of topics, including:

Mentoring Basics – Agenda topics can include:

  • Understanding Mentoring
  • Creating Goals
  • Kicking-off Relationships
  • Establishing Expectations
  • Personal Commitments & Accountability
  • Building Trust
  • Developmental Dialogue
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Ending the Relationship

Mentoring/Learning Group Leader Education – Train subject matter experts to be effective mentoring/learning group leaders. Specific topics can include:

  • How Groups Work
  • Creating a Group
  • Forming Your Learning Group
  • Leading the Learning
  • Question-Driven Learning

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System Integration

We know it’s vital that your various HR platforms can integrate with one another. That’s why River can be configured with:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for streamlined log in (integration examples include PingIdentity and Okta)
  • Data push of profile fields from your HRIS/employee system of record via SFTP (integration examples include Oracle, SAP, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Cornerstone, and PeopleSoft)
  • Deep link integration to your LMS and/or other repositories to serve up important learning content within your configured mentoring programs in River (integration examples include SkillSoft, OpenSesame, getAbstract, ej4, and

Contact us to discuss your integration needs and to formulate a plan for using River as part of your employee development strategy.



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