Inclusive Mentoring Programs [Training Journal]

Written by
Laura Francis

Press Feature

Inclusive-mentoring-TJ-articleInclusive Mentoring Programs

By Laura Francis
Published in Training Journal
June 29, 2020

An inclusive mentoring program can help you work toward better diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace. This Training Journal article by Laura Francis includes tips to help you get started.


Article Sneak Peek:

As the calls against racism grow louder and span the globe, each of us must take time to reflect on what we can do to make a tangible difference. We can go to a protest. We can chant that Black Lives Matter.

We can educate our children about racism and talk to them about why some people are treated poorly based solely on the color of their skin—and why this is not okay. We can support minority-owned businesses. We can push for and expect more from our elected leaders and how our societies are run.

But what about at work? How do we push for social justice within the confines of our jobs?

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