Flash Mentoring Creates Strong Onboarding [HR Daily Advisor]

Written by
Laura Francis

Press Feature

Flash-Mentoring-HRDA-articleFlash Mentoring Creates Strong Onboarding

By Laura Francis
Published in HR Daily Advisor
October 12, 2020

Starting a new job while working remotely can feel overwhelming. This article from Laura Francis in HR Daily Advisor looks at how flash mentoring can make a world of difference for your employees.


Article Sneak Peek:

Gallup estimates that employee turnover can cost companies one-and-a-half to two times an employee’s annual salary—a conservative estimate for replacing the employee who leaves. To combat this employee attrition, many organizations try to implement effective onboarding initiatives.

Shockingly, one statistic shows that 22% of staff turnovers occur in the first 45 days of employment. If companies have a strong onboarding experience, they can potentially reduce this number and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To start off strong, companies need to think about what matters to a new employee and develop ways to help the person get acclimated to his or her new job quickly.

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