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Adriane Gonzalez

Growing Your Business Mentoring Program

Land and ExpandThe idea of latching a modern mentoring program to an existing program or traditional mentoring program is crucial to continuing learning momentum and gaining quick successes. In his book, Modern Mentoring, Randy Emelo emphasizes and stresses the huge opportunity that exists when attaching modern mentoring to an existing mentoring program, either formal or informal. He uses the model of land and expand as a method for creating a modern mentoring culture. “Land” is the idea of incorporating modern mentoring in a pre-existing program that employees are familiar with and which is a natural process. “Expand” is done through the growth of modern mentoring by broadening the practice and conception of what a modern mentoring culture looks like and seeks to achieve.

For example, many organizations have some form of mentoring that occurs within the organization. Whether it be a formal one-to-one process that is used for leaders and protégé’s for succession planning and grooming, or an informal program that can be leveraged to include modern mentoring by simply taking on the expand strategy, there are a number of ways to approach this idea. This includes:

  • Expand the audience and broaden the program so that various advisors and learners are able to participate.
  • Allow the continuous use of the traditional mentoring program, but also provide the outlet and opportunity for others to engage in the learning and advising with others.
  • Invite others to participate in the social learning and modern mentoring without distinguished roles.

Emelo’s suggestion for facilitators of learning to land and expand is a realistic and helpful guideline. It gives them a solid starting point without forcing them to reinvent the wheel. Utilizing those traditional programs to begin to shift the mindset to a more modern approach is a means to achieve major success in transitioning the mindset and gaining a greater audience reach.

Editor’s Note: A version of this blog entry first appeared on Adriane Gonzalez’s blog about Modern Mentoring. It has been reprinted here with permission from the author.

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