Reverse Mentoring eBook

Written by
Laura Francis

Tips for Your Reverse Mentoring Program

Reverse mentoring takes the concept of mentoring—and who the mentee and mentor are—and flips it on its head.

As more Millennials and Gen Z enter the workforce, companies want to capitalize on their knowledge and get them engaged quickly. Reverse mentoring is a great way to accomplish this, and it’s a popular trend that continues to grow in companies of all sizes.

But we know the question that is really on your mind: How can I set up a reverse mentoring program and make it a success in my organization?

This eBook from River can help! It is packed with critical information and tips on reverse mentoring, and we predict it will be your go-to resource as you plan your program.

In this eBook, you will find information on:

  • What reverse mentoring is
  • How reverse mentoring works
  • Why it is popular
  • How you can get a reverse mentoring program started at your company
  • Factors you need to consider as you design your program
  • Tips you can share with mentees and mentors to help them get the most from their relationships

Reverse mentoring can require a mental shift in how people view themselves as mentees and mentors. Don’t start your program without reading this eBook first! Also check-out our mentoring software.

Download your copy today to be better prepared for tomorrow.

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