The ROI of Mentoring eBook

Written by
Laura Francis

The Benefits of Mentoring…by the Numbers

The ROI of Mentoring eBookAs the makers of award-winning mentoring software, we have spent years focused on the practice of mentoring within professional settings. One question we often hear from clients and organizations interested in mentoring is: What data do you have to show the benefits and ROI of mentoring?

Our response: Check out our ROI of Mentoring eBook! This eBook contains survey results from participants within River mentoring software.

We’ve helped our clients attain success with mentoring and have an impact on their organizations in areas such as employee development, engagement, retention, and productivity. In fact, research we conducted with our clients highlights the enormous factor mentoring can play in the life of employees and in the success of organizations. Check out our business mentoring software. This research plays a starring role in our ROI of Mentoring eBook.

Download your copy today to discover the powerful ROI numbers of River mentoring software.

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