How-to Guide for Creating Learning Networks

Written by
Laura Francis

People Want to Learn from Other People

How-to Guide for Creating Learning NetworksGiving people a way to connect and learn from their colleagues is critical today. As a result, organizational learning and development needs to be driven by what we call networked learning.

In our free How-to Guide for Creating Learning Networks eBook, we explain why we have to give people a way to collaborate with one another that is personalized, relevant, and timely—while also being cost-effective for the organization.

This can happen with a new networked learning approach that consists of three learning modalities:

1. Learning Communities that provide on-the-job support.
2. Learning Cohorts that provide on-the-job action.
3. Learning Pairs that provide on-the-job guidance.

Each modality offers a unique value to learners and organizations. For example, learning cohorts help a small group of learners focus on specific developmental goals, curricula and agendas, which they can quickly put into action on the job.

Learn more about each of these modalities and how you can leverage them to create learning networks in our free eBook.

Download your copy today.

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