How-To Guide for a Mentoring Revolution

Written by
Laura Francis

Be a Mentoring Rebel

How-to Guide for a Mentoring Revolution eBookParticipation in mentoring has been linked to increases in workforce engagement, job satisfaction, and retention. We also know that mentoring can be leveraged to help increase employee performance by aiding our workforce as they prepare to take on new challenges, develop new skills, and solve difficult problems.

River, makers of award-winning mentoring software, wants to help organizations take full advantage of mentoring and all of its scalable benefits. We want to get more people involved in this powerful practice! That’s why we’ve created this free How-to Guide for a Mentoring Revolution eBook.

If you share our desire to broaden the practice of mentoring at your organization (without all the headaches normally associated with running a manual program), we made this How-to Guide just for you. If you dream of putting the power of mentoring into the hands of more of your employees and of widening the developmental impact it can have on your workforce, then it’s time for you to join our mentoring revolution!

Download this guide to learn how you can revolutionize mentoring at your organization and increase the benefits it can have for your workforce.

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