A Practical Guide for Mentoring Conversations

Written by
Laura Francis

Effective Mentoring Conversations

Heart of mentoring conversations

Conversations between mentees and mentors are critical to the success of mentoring relationships. Yet even though many of us know this fact, we still don’t know how to have good conversations. Think about your own relationships and ask yourself:

  • Do I know how to have productive mentoring conversations?
  • Are my current discussions with my mentee or mentor helping me achieve what I want from my relationship?

Unfortunately, too many mentoring conversations fall far short of ideal. But there is hope: River’s Practical Guide for Mentoring Conversations eBook.

In this eBook from River:

  • Discover how you can have quality mentoring conversations that will help you capture the heart of mentoring
  • Get practical tips you can implement in your relationships
  • Learn about a 4-step dialogue model for better conversations that you can apply immediately

Better conversations can lead to more intentional actions. Download your free copy of River’s Practical Guide for Mentoring Conversations eBook today to start having better conversations with your mentoring partner.

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