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Connect Modern Mentoring to ProgramsConnecting modern mentoring to existing programs is not an approach maybe some would have thought of. Many times when we encounter a new and innovative program idea, we think of starting from the ground up. The reality is that sometimes there are barriers that prohibit us to stretch resources for these larger scale projects. The idea of connecting modern mentoring to existing programs is brilliant, and author Randy Emelo offers quite a few alternatives in his book Modern Mentoring. Some key programs that I can see leveraging in my organization include:

Employee Resource Groups

Employees seek employee resource groups to connect with like-minded individuals. These resource groups are ideal to connect the concept of modern mentoring. Take, for example, a women’s network group or a young leaders network group within an organization. Innately these resource groups are already engaging in collaboration, learning, and sharing of resources in some way or another. Indeed, these groups are also likely engaging in a traditional method of mentoring. Engaging these groups in the modern mentoring approach will deepen the learning, collaboration and sharing of resources as participants increase their learning networks among others and throughout the organization as a whole.

High-Potential Development

Mentoring GroupThis is typically seen in the traditional one-to-one mentoring relationships we encounter in the workplace. Broadening the landscape and allowing all high-potentials to engage as learners and advisors puts so much more on the table. Removing the linear and prescriptive method of mentoring, and enabling a more network-based relationship, will foster an environment that will create a larger population of high-potential employees.


This is a great time to connect with impressionable new hires and demonstrate to them the organization’s deep commitment to learning and development. Inviting new hires immediately to engage in modern mentoring provides them with the deep need to connect and engage within the organization. It is so critical to look past the tedious paper work and policies and procedure review that we inundate new hires with, and focus more on the relationship building and knowledge resources that new hires crave.

Food for Thought…

Emelo shares various programs and initiatives that organizations can leverage to connect modern mentoring to. These include: succession planning, talent management, sales enablement, retention, mergers and aquisitions, etc. What specific areas in your organizations would benefit from the inclusion of a modern mentoring approach? Where would you be able to achieve small and immediate sucesses?

Editor’s Note: This blog entry first appeared on Adriane Gonzalez’s blog about Modern Mentoring. It has been reprinted here with permission from the author.

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