4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring eBook

Written by
Laura Francis

Mentoring Conversations Just Got Better

4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring eBookHow do you treat your mentee or mentor? Do you show her dignity and respect? Do you hold him in high regard? Do your actions match your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs?

During the daily grind, we may occasionally lose sight of our goals and purpose when it comes to our mentoring relationships. But this doesn’t mean we have to lose sight of how we speak to and treat our mentees and mentors.

In this 4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring eBook from River, we share four simple yet critical statements we should all be expressing to one another. We explore why these phrases are important, why you should use them, and what you convey by saying these phrases. If you want to build a more genuine, caring, and meaningful mentoring relationship, then you need to know the four phrases that can help you get there.

Download this eBook today to start down the positive path of effective communication in mentoring.

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