It’s Time for a Mentoring Revolution!

Written by
Laura Francis

Corporate Mentoring Programs Get a Makeover

mentoring-revolution-aheadParticipation in mentoring has been linked to increases in workforce engagement, job satisfaction, and retention. We also know that mentoring can be leveraged to help increase employee performance by aiding our workforce as they prepare to take on new challenges, develop new skills, and solve difficult problems.

With all of mentoring’s benefits to both employees and employers in mind, guess how many employees at an average organization are able to participate in this process? Sadly, it’s often less than 10%.

Most organizations are typically only able to provide mentoring opportunities for 1- 10% of their employee base because they look at mentoring as only a highly structured formal process that requires hand-matching and intense administrative work. This means most of your workforce is missing out on this powerful developmental opportunity and that your organization is missing out on a more engaged and productive workforce. We think this is a wasted opportunity for bringing mentoring to the masses, and we are setting out to change it!

We want to help organizations take full advantage of mentoring and all of its scalable benefits. As a result, we declare a mentoring revolution. Our creed is simple: We think that mentoring should be available to all willing participants and that today’s employees should be able to build mentoring relationships with any of their colleagues in order to learn and develop.

Download this How-to Guide

If you share our desire to broaden the practice of mentoring at your organization (without all the headaches normally associated with running a manual program), we made this How-to Guide just for you. If you dream of putting the power of mentoring into the hands of more of your employees and of widening the developmental impact it can have on your workforce, then it’s time for you to join our mentoring revolution!

Download this guide to learn how you can revolutionize mentoring at your organization and increase the benefits it can have for your workforce.



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