Webinar Recap: Building Your Mentoring Roadmap

Written by
Laura Francis

Starting a Mentoring Program

Watch this recorded webinarWhat does mentoring look like in your organization?

During River’s webinar on building your mentoring roadmap, the majority of audience respondents said that mentoring in their organization was either a few small programs run by various groups (32.5%), informal only (27.5%), or a small program for a specific group only (20%).

These responses highlight the need for more expansive thinking on how organizations can bring mentoring to the masses and develop ways to get more people involved in this critical development practice.

In this recorded webinar, discover steps you can take to help put your own organization on the right track with creating a mentoring roadmap that will bring your mentoring program to the next level.

During this pre-recorded webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Find the right audience for your mentoring initiative
  • Identify a critical problem to solve
  • Pinpoint criteria to measure to show results

Want more mentoring tips? Download our How-to Guide for a Mentoring Revolution!


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