Webinar Recap: Getting the Most from Mentoring Conversations

Written by
Laura Francis

Tips for How to Have Better Dialogue in Mentoring

watch recorded webinarKnowing how to engage in productive mentoring conversations plays a critical—but often overlooked—role in helping people achieve their goals when mentoring. What stops us from engaging in productive conversations?

Poll results from participants in our “Getting the Most from Mentoring Conversations” webinar show several themes in terms of the top challenges we face when it comes to engaging in productive mentoring conversations:

  • Time/scheduling/preparation
  • Mentor skills/abilities/training
  • Communication/difficult conversations/less comfortable with virtual
  • Relationship-building/trust
  • Commitment
  • Setting expectations/goals
  • Measuring results and progress
  • Dependency on HR to set up and manage mentoring
  • Support from higher levels in the organization

In this recorded webinar from River, discover what you can do to overcome these challenges and how you can implement a dialogue model designed to foster productive mentoring conversations.

Watch this recording today to get the tools you need to become more effective in mentoring.

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