Four Phrases Every Mentoring Relationship Needs

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Laura Francis

Tips for Improved Mentoring Relationships

During the daily grind, it is easy to feel busy and overwhelmed.  We may try to answer an email while on the phone with a colleague, only to find ourselves not adequately doing either of those tasks.  Or we may tune out our children or spouse as they tell us about their day, because we can’t stop thinking about that project looming over us at work.

It happens to all of us.  And if you ask the typical worker, it feels like it’s just getting worse.

The same distracted inattention can happen in our mentoring relationships as well.  And while we may occasionally lose our focus when it comes to our mentoring relationships, it doesn’t mean we have to lose sight of how we speak to and treat our mentees and mentors.

For that reason, River created a 4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring eBook in which we share four simple yet critical statements we should all be expressing to one another.  (Download your copy here.)  We know life is busy, and we know that we can all use a gentle nudge and reminder of what is important from time to time.  In this eBook, we explore why these phrases matter, why you should use them, and what you convey by saying these phrases.

4 phrases ebook

After you read about these four phrases, make a list of any additional phrases you would want to incorporate into your mentoring relationships.  Keep the list near you when you meet with your mentee or mentor, and make a conscious effort to use one of the phrases in your conversation when you and your partner talk.

If you want to build a more genuine, caring, and meaningful mentoring relationship, then you need to know the four phrases that can help you get there.  Download your copy of River’s eBook today to get started.

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