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Read MoreThe Value of Virtual Reputation

Randy Emelo describes how popular gaming mentality can translate into virtual knowledge sharing, highlighting four factors to consider when applying it to modern web-based mentoring.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, March 2012

Read MoreWhy Personal Reputation Matters in Virtual Knowledge Sharing

In this viewpoint piece from Randy Emelo, learn how personal reputation can impact modern mentoring and virtual knowledge sharing relationships today, and what aspects of reputation people should pay attention to.

Published in Industrial and Commercial Training, January 2012

Read MoreThe Future of Learning Systems

In the point-counterpoint "Perspectives" column of People & Strategy, Randy Emelo describes how typical learning approaches need to change to accommodate future social and business needs. Four influential authors lend their voice in counterpoint arguments, creating a highly engaging and thought-provoking article.

Published in People & Strategy, December 2011/January 2012

Read MoreSodexo Gets Two Dollars Back for Every Dollar Spent on Mentoring

DiversityInc offers two resources highlighting Sodexo's success with their mentoring program that runs on River.  In a November 2011 interview with Barbara Frankel of DiversityInc, Sodexo's CEO and CDO discuss how "For every dollar spent on mentoring, Sodexo gets two dollars back."

Published in DiversityInc., January 2012

Read MoreThe Future of Learning

To produce employees who are constantly retooling to meet job challenges, organizations need a new learning system driven by intentional learning connections.  This article by Randy Emelo explains how to accomplish this.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, December 2011

Read MorePreparing High Potentials for Tomorrow

For companies looking to build their next generation of leaders, they need to adjust their development programs to support relational learning that values creativity, collaboration, and self-directed, personal development. This article by Randy Emelo looks at how some organizations are already doing this.

Published in Talent Management, December 2011

Read MoreDialogue for Development

Sometimes a simple conversation can unearth targeted development options that may not come to light through observation alone.  This article by Randy Emelo guides readers through a 4-step dialogue process and offers an example of how the process can be used in a real-life situation.

Published in Talent Management, September 2011

Read MoreFDA Approves Social Media

Author Samuel Greengard spotlights the FDA's use of River (formerly Open Mentoring) and the value they've gained from enterprise mentoring and social learning.

Published in Baseline, September 2011

Read MoreNewest Enterprise Social App: Mentoring

David Carr of InformationWeek spotlights River's (formerly Triple Creek's) structured social learning and mentoring software, showcasing why mentoring is the new social app.

Published in InformationWeek, July 2011

Read MoreA New Generation of American Workers Is Shaking Up the World of Business Mentoring

This article by Randy Emelo looks at how Millennials are changing the practice of mentoring today.

Published in Business Insider, July 2011

Read MoreMentoring 2.0: Why Gen Y Demands a New Approach

Blogger Jessica Stillman takes a hard look at Randy Emelo's assertions for what Millennials want in mentoring...and concludes that his assessments are spot-on.

Published on, July 2011

Read MoreChoosing a Knowledge Management Tool

This GigaOM article looks at what led two companies to choose the knowledge management tools they did.  URS Corporation is highlighted and discusses why they chose River (formerly Open Mentoring by Triple Creek) for their knowledge sharing needs.

Published in GigaOM/Web Worker Daily, June 2011

Read MoreConversations with Mentoring Leaders

The June 2011 T+D cover story by Randy Emelo features candid conversations with mentoring leaders at three top companies: Agilent Technologies, Yum! Brands, and McDonald's.  Each discusses the importance of mentoring for their organization, the impact of mentoring, and much more.

Published in T+D, June 2011

Read MoreGroup Mentoring Best Practices

Part 2 of a 2-part series, Randy Emelo discusses best practices for group mentoring based on research conducted by River (formerly Triple Creek).


Read MoreWhat if Millennials Ran Your Mentoring Program?

This article by Randy Emelo explores what mentoring would look like if Millennials ran the program...and how we'd all be better off for it.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, May 2011

Read MoreGroup Mentoring: Rapid Multiplication of Learning

Part 1 of a 2-part series, this article by Randy Emelo looks at group mentoring research conducted by River (formerly Triple Creek) and examines the practice of group mentoring as a form of large-scale collaborative learning.


Read MoreMentoring Goes Global

This article by Randy Emelo shows how global mentoring programs break down barriers to create a sense of community and help people connect around the world to build vital learning networks.

Published in Diversity Executive, March 2011

Read MoreLearning in a Very Sociable Way

This article review examines how learning can be engaging and sociable, with interaction between advisors and learners as the key.  Three articles are used for the basis of this review, including "Increasing Productivity with Social Learning" by Randy Emelo.

Published in Strategic Direction, March 2011

Read MoreCreating a New Mentoring Mindset

Mentoring looks very different today that it did 10 years ago. Author Randy Emelo describes five major shifts that have occurred that are paving the way for a new mentoring mindset.

Published in T+D, January 2011


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