Mentoring Health Assessment

Written by
Laura Francis

How Healthy Is Your Mentoring Relationship?

Mentoring Health Assessment eBookThink your mentoring relationship has what it takes to flourish? Is it healthy and strong, or unhealthy and dysfunctional?

We know that competing priorities, bad attitudes, selfish behaviors, and more can stunt the growth of mentoring relationships, leaving people dissatisfied, unhappy, and unimpressed. Now is the time to do something about it!

The Mentoring Health Assessment guide from River, makers of award-winning mentoring aoftware, contains information that can help you evaluate your mentoring relationship and assess how healthy it really is. From characteristics to look for in yourself and your mentoring partner, to tips on how to set up your mentoring agreement, this eBook provides practical advice that you can begin using in your mentoring relationships today.

Get your free copy today and start engaging in healthier mentoring relationships.

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