Continuous Learning eBook

Written by
Laura Francis

Because Learning Never Stops

Continuous Learning eBookLearning is an ongoing and continuous process that we need to support day in and day out for the benefit of our employees and our organizations.

In this free Continuous Learning guide from River, makers of award-winning mentoring software, we share the startling facts of how quickly people forget what they learned in training, along with a new learning paradigm model to help you envision what continuous learning could look like in your organization.

Learning is a continuum; it doesn’t stop, and we may fall on the scale of beginner to expert in different ways depending on the topic.

For example, a person may be an expert on emerging sales techniques or a new computer coding language, but a novice when it comes to managing a complex project or giving feedback to a subordinate. As we progress with our learning on a topic, we grow in our abilities and can share our know-how and experiences with others. This helps the cycle of continuous learning become a manageable endeavor for participants and L&D professions alike.

Discover what the new learning paradigm looks like, how you can use the learning continuum to identify ideal learning cohorts, and how you can embrace continuous learning throughout all stages of the employee lifecycle.

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