Get More Introverts Involved in Mentoring [Training Journal]

Written by
Laura Francis

Press Feature

Mentoring Introverts article in Training JournalGet More Introverts Involved in Mentoring

By Laura Francis
Published in Training Journal
July 8, 2019

An inclusive mentoring program can make a huge impact on employees with all types of backgrounds, personalities, and preferences. Try these three ideas from Laura Francis of River for getting more introverts involved in mentoring, published in Training Journal.


Article Sneak Peek:

The idea of joining a mentoring program or asking someone to be your mentor can seem daunting, especially for more introverted people. Yet, building up your mentoring network—and perhaps even having a mentor help you learn ways to be more successful as an introvert—can be invaluable and critical to your success at work and in your overarching career.

For the administrators running mentoring programs, you might also have seen the reluctance of introverts to join your programs and wondered what you could do to encourage these employees to participate. Here are three ideas for getting more introverts involved in mentoring.

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