Contact Center PipelineIt's Time for Collaboration in the Center

Susan Hash discusses how social networking is changing the way employees learn, share and work, and the impact this can have on today's call centers.

Published in Contact Center Pipeline, April 2013

Argyle JournalStrategic Value of a Global Knowledge Sharing Culture

On March 7th, Randy Emelo addressed a session of the Argyle Executive Forum 2013 human capital leadership forum in San Francisco.  Read more about his presentation on the changing role of human resources professionals in an increasingly global business environment.

Published in Argyle Journal, April 2013

Click to ReadWho's Sharing Knowledge in Your Organization?

Measuring who has information to share via social learning, collaborative learning and mentoring programs -- and where it goes -- can help identify skills gaps and better direct learning investments for your company. This article by Randy Emelo examines the areas to measure for the greatest impact.

Published in Talent Management, April 2013

thumb-large-blogThe Changed Role of L&D: Evolve Now or Become Extinct

Learning and Development has evolved. As a result, the L&D professional's role has changed, and these individuals should leverage learning technologies to help adapt to new and changing industry skills to avoid becoming extinct.

Published in the Learning and Development Blog by ASTD, March 2013

21st Century Mentoring21st Century Mentoring

No longer just about one-to-one relationships between senior leaders and potential successors, today’s mentoring is focused on removing the barriers between people and engaging them in rich learning and teaching opportunities in a broad, networked manner so that knowledge can flow to the point of need.

Published in 2013 Workplace Trends from Sodexo

Read MoreConnect to Collaborate

Collaboration and knowledge sharing across functions and locations promotes innovation, solves problems in real time, and facilitates development.

Published in Diversity Executive, January/February 2013

Click to readEngage Passive Learners

Getting people to engage with their learning environment in a deep and personal way is critical in order to help passive learners become more active. This article from Randy Emelo looks at how companies can achieve this throughout the enterprise.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, January 2013

Read MoreHarness Personal Connections for Purposeful Development

A committed group of advisors and learners in a knowledge sharing network can help you make the most of your connections and development efforts.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, November 2012

Read MoreEnterprise Mentoring, Meet HR

Mentoring is a business and professional imperative. Author Randy Emelo shares how talent managers can make mentoring a critical part of organizational and strategic goals by integrating it with HR.

Published in Talent Management, October 2012

Read MoreMentoring: Bridging the Competency Divide

Traditional learning interventions may not move fast enough to close skill gaps.  Author Randy Emelo offers five different types of mentoring that can help employees compete in today's fast-moving business environment.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, September 2012

Read MoreWho Should Choose What Employees Learn?

Is it up to the individual employee or the organization to decide what people should learn?  Randy Emelo argues that learning leaders’ primary role is no longer to decide what learning employees receive; it’s to enable knowledge sharing across the enterprise.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, August 2012

Read MoreInformal Learning: Accidental vs. Intentional

Social or informal learning is effective, but has limits. Author Randy Emelo discusses how mentoring can lead to more intentional learning.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, June 2012

Read MoreDifferent Is Better

Author Deanna Hartley writes about why it is a good thing to engage in mentoring with people who are dissimilar.

Published in Diversity Executive, May/June 2012

Read MoreMentoring in the Networked Workplace

Virtual mentoring relationships require trust.  Author Randy Emelo offers suggestions on what qualities to encourage in the workplace and how to help people build trust in the time of remoteness.

Published in Talent Management, April 2012

Read MoreFor True Knowledge Sharing, Get Out of Your Shell

Promoting inclusion of many perspectives and experiences into informal learning networks can result in new ideas and process solutions, says author Randy Emelo. Learn what Sodexo and McDonald's have accomplished in this area, as well as some common myths about effective knowledge sharing networks.

Published in Diversity Executive, March/April 2012

Read MoreThe Value of Virtual Reputation

Randy Emelo describes how popular gaming mentality can translate into virtual knowledge sharing, highlighting four factors to consider when applying it to modern web-based mentoring.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, March 2012

Read MoreWhy Personal Reputation Matters in Virtual Knowledge Sharing

In this viewpoint piece from Randy Emelo, learn how personal reputation can impact modern mentoring and virtual knowledge sharing relationships today, and what aspects of reputation people should pay attention to.

Published in Industrial and Commercial Training, January 2012

Read MoreThe Future of Learning Systems

In the point-counterpoint "Perspectives" column of People & Strategy, Randy Emelo describes how typical learning approaches need to change to accommodate future social and business needs. Four influential authors lend their voice in counterpoint arguments, creating a highly engaging and thought-provoking article.

Published in People & Strategy, December 2011/January 2012

Read MoreSodexo Gets Two Dollars Back for Every Dollar Spent on Mentoring

DiversityInc offers two resources highlighting Sodexo's success with their mentoring program that runs on River.  In a November 2011 interview with Barbara Frankel of DiversityInc, Sodexo's CEO and CDO discuss how "For every dollar spent on mentoring, Sodexo gets two dollars back."  In a related webinar, Sodexo's mentoring program is examined with insights shared into how they achieve such great results.

Published in DiversityInc., January 2012

Read MoreThe Future of Learning

To produce employees who are constantly retooling to meet job challenges, organizations need a new learning system driven by intentional learning connections.  This article by Randy Emelo explains how to accomplish this.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, December 2011


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