Do More with Mentoring

Better employee engagement. Improved employee retention. Increased productivity. Heightened feelings of community and purpose.
Mentoring sure has a lot going for it.

How do you package all of that up and bring it into your organization? The answer is simple: River.

River is mentoring software designed for your business needs. You can easily launch, manage, track, and grow your mentoring programs through River's configurable platform. Our proprietary matching algorithm takes the guesswork out of matching people up in pairs or groups, and our software interface gives the relationships a framework so that people have a focus for their relationship and work on goals that will lead them to make real developmental progress.

From traditional pairs to more modern groups and reverse mentoring, you control who joins, how people connect, what larger organizational programs you connect mentoring to, and what measures to track to prove success. Our experts have decades of experience and will guide you every step of the way.

Contact River today to see our award-winning mentoring software in action...and to learn how you can do more with mentoring.

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