Read moreHow to Build Trust in Social Learning Environments

Transformational social learning thrives only when trust is present among collaborators. Randy Emelo defines three ways to build trust in a social learning setting.

Published in the Human Capital Blog from ATD, June 2014

Read moreHow to Be a Catalyst for Social Learning

Anyone who serves as an advisor in a social learning setting is responsible to lead that virtual community towards discovery. Randy Emelo discusses the responsibilities of the advisory role.

Published in the Human Capital Blog from ATD, June 2014

Read MoreLearning for Performance

Learning is about changing behaviors and improving the way we work. As such, we need to make learning fit more easily into the context of daily work. This article by Randy Emelo offers tips on how to accomplish this.

Published in Argyle Journal, May 2014

Read MoreUnlock Agency Success with Modern Mentoring

Modern mentoring means enabling your workforce to connect with one another via technology for learning and development that occurs in a just-in-time fashion, and it affects the daily work-related productivity of participants. Learn more in this article.

Published in GovLearning Blog from ASTD, March 2014

Read MoreThe Evolution of Mentoring

Since the 1980s, mentoring has evolved from a practice of one-to-one career advancement relationships to a practice that supports social learning, informal learning, peer collaboration and more. See how the journey took place in this article.

Published in GovLearning Blog from ASTD, February 2014

Read MoreSocial, Informal Learning Can Be Measured

It's true! Key performance indicators for social and informal learning identify knowledge hubs and lead to better results. It is all about usage, participation and contribution.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, February 2014

Read MoreInnovative Software and Information Technology Business

This brief interview of Randy Emelo highlights River as an innovative software, reveals one of the biggest challenges we faced in recent years, and puts a spotlight on big data as a "hot button" issue in our industry.

Published in US Daily Review, January 2014

Read MoreBuilding a Social Learning Strategy

Learning can become more personal and more immediate for solving real-time business problems, while, at the same time, become more affordable and scalable so that companies can widen the scope of learning to every employee.

Published in Training Journal, November 2013

Read MoreGetting Committed to Social Learning

When it comes to social learning, people fall into one of three categories: the crowd, the community or the committed. Randy Emelo discusses how to get people committed.

Published in HR Examiner, November 2013

Quantum Workplace BlogModern Mentoring: What Your Employees Are Asking For

Randy Emelo discusses how to leverage modern mentoring to help create a smarter and more engaged workforce.

Published in Quantum Workplace's corporate blog, November 2013

CLO Nov. 2013Writing on Someone's Wall Is Nothing New

People have always learned from one another, but new social learning technology can provide employees with the information they need to do their jobs better and faster in real time. Randy Emelo shares strategies for creating sustainable social learning in this article.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, November 2013

Argyle JournalHow Social Learning Can Fix the Skills Gap

What does it say about the state of U.S. businesses when 92% of senior executives acknowledge there is a serious skills gap occurring in the workforce?  Randy Emelo offers four strategies for using social learning to fix the skills gap in this article.

Published in Argyle Journal, October 2013

CLO October 2013Mentoring without Barriers

Traditional mentoring was one older expert grooming a younger one for a specific role. Author Randy Emelo writes that today’s version is more of a collaboration and learning strategy that can help people gain skills and information they need in real time to do their jobs better.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, October 2013

thumb-large-blogForget Gen Y. Get Ready for Gen Z.

Randy Emelo discusses what to expect from Generation Z and explores how this young generation's unique attributes will impact future L&D practices.

Published in the Human Capital Blog by ASTD, June 2013


HR ExaminerHR Needs a New Learning Leader

Learning leaders need to shift from creating and delivering training content to enabling learning networks, in order to address the changing needs of learners. Randy Emelo discusses five steps to take to make this happen.

Published in HR Examiner, June 2013

thumb-large-blogFour Easy Tactics to Engage Your Passive Learners

Only 10% of your organization are active learners -- people who learn with the intention of changing and improving their behavior. Randy Emelo discusses four easy ways to engage your passive learners to help them learn more actively.

Published in the Learning and Development Blog by ASTD, June 2013

New Career PathsHelp Employees Explore New Career Paths

Randy Emelo discusses how collaborative learning can help people explore new career paths, particularly at a time when fewer companies have set career paths in place for employees.

Published in Talent Management, June 2013

HR ProfessionalFitting It All In: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Across the Organization

Randy Emelo discusses the role and responsibility of HR in enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and collaboration initiatives.

Published in HR Professional, May/June 2013

Agile LeadersAgile Leaders: Born or Bred?

Deanna Hartley writes that leaders who can thrive in any business environment share one important trait: agility. Randy Emelo of Triple Creek weighs in on this topic.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, May 2013

Inside Learning TechnologiesThe ROI of Modern Mentoring and Knowledge Sharing

Randy Emelo explains how to maximize your top knowledge sources to benefit the entire workforce, and impact the bottom line.

Published in Inside Learning Technologies, April 2013


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