Read MoreReshaping the Learner Mindset

In this cover story, Randy Emelo explores how to best prepare people for personalized and collaborative learning, showcasing how Xerox uses an innovative social learning manager certification process.

Published by Training Journal, October 2015

CLO October 2015Not Your Mother's Blended Learning

Made up of communities, cohorts and pairs, this is not the blended learning you know so well. It’s a different breed, one focused on people, that today’s companies likely need. Learn more in this article from Randy Emelo.

Published by Chief Learning Officer, October 2015

TD Sept 2015Shift Your Focus with Modern Mentoring

In a nutshell, mentoring is learning from the experience of others. Randy Emelo shares how organizations are modernizing their approach to mentoring and the results they are getting.

Published by TD, September 2015

Read MoreWhat Schools Can Learn from Corporate Mentoring

Research by Anny Chou, a recent graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, on the growing use of online mentoring software for corporate mentoring programs (including River), and what that means for schools.

Published by The Clayton Christensen Institute, July 2015

Read MoreBefore They Go: Mentoring and the Exiting Employee

Don't let your organizational knowledge walk out the door! Randy Emelo offers three tips for using group mentoring with your exiting employees to capture their critical insights before it's too late.

Published in the Human Capital Blog from ATD, June 2015

ATD blogMentoring for Productivity

Based on his work with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Randy Emelo shares three tips for using mentoring for organizational productivity.

Published in the Human Capital Blog from ATD, June 2015

ATD BlogWho Is the Best Mentor for You?

Randy Emelo talks about viewing experts along a learning continuum to help build the pool of potential mentors available in an organization.

Published in the Human Capital Blog from ATD, May 2015

Read MorePillars of Modern Mentoring

Discover the five core building blocks of developing a modern mentoring mindset in this article from Randy Emelo.

Published in Training Journal, April 2015

Training JournalPredictive Learning

Employees have a growing need and desire for predictive analytics and recommendations in their learning. Randy Emelo looks at what this means for companies and how organizations can tap into this trend.

Published in Training Journal, March 2015

Read MoreThe Power of Discovery

Randy Emelo makes the case for learning to be more like Amazon and Netflix, where systems are smart enough to push out recommendations to learners for personalized and timely learning opportunities.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, January 2015

Read MoreMillennials and Social Media

Laurie Harley writes about the innate social nature of Millennials and how this impacts their learning behaviors at work.

Published in HR & Talent Management, December 2014

Read MorePeer Collaboration Enhances Diversity and Inclusion

Learn why companies would be wise to take advantage of social networks that already exist in the form of employee resource groups (ERGs) to help leverage and drive broader learning throughout their networks and the company at large.

Published in TD, December 2014

Read MoreModern Mentoring Reaches Millennials

Laurie Harley of HR & Talent Management dives into the topic of modern mentoring with Randy Emelo and analyzes what factors appeal to Millennials.

Published in HR & Talent Management, November 2014

Read MoreThe New Way to Blend Learning

Randy Emelo explains how companies can expand their training utility by adding social learning opportunities to current formal blended training, creating a whole new way to blend learning.

Published in Training Journal, November 2014

thumb-large-spirit-of-sodexoThe Spirit of Mentoring at Sodexo

Jodi Davidson of Sodexo and Randy Emelo of River share how Sodexo embraces the spirit of mentoring in their award-winning program of the same name.

Published in Engage, Fall 2014

Read MoreFacilitating Social Learning

Randy Emelo argues that the learning advisor is the key to unlocking productive social learning, and he offers tips for helping advisors step up to the challenge.

Published in Training Journal, October 2014

Read MoreMentoring in a Millennial World

Millennials crave mentoring, but the way in which this generation prefers to connect, learn and share expertise leaves traditional mentoring programs ill-equipped.

Published in Talent Management, October 2014

thumb-large-blog3 Critical Elements for Dynamic Social Learning

Randy Emelo discusses the three elements needed in order to achieve organizational social learning that is dynamic, engaging and productive.

Published in the World of Learning Blog, August 2014

Read MoreIt's Time to Retire Your LMS

Randy Emelo argues for more personal, dynamic, and responsive learning in organizations.

Published in Argyle Journal, July 2014

Read moreHow to Build Trust in Social Learning Environments

Transformational social learning thrives only when trust is present among collaborators. Randy Emelo defines three ways to build trust in a social learning setting.

Published in the Human Capital Blog from ATD, June 2014


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