Triple Creek Changes Company Name to River, Unveils New Corporate Website and New Functionality for Social Learning Platform

Denver, September 15, 2014—Triple Creek announced today a new company name, changing their corporate identity to River, the same name as their award-winning social learning platform. They also unveiled a new corporate website at and released new functionality to their product.

New features now available within River include:

Content Integration – River integrates with any third-party content provider, and has formed partnerships with Skillsoft, getAbstract and OpenSesame. River also now comes with a built-in content handler for companies that want to upload and use their own homegrown content and courses. This integration process allows companies to get more value from their content investments, while also providing social learning participants with authoritative content and courses to leverage within their learning activities in River.

SharePoint Integration – River integrates with SharePoint to provide a seamless experience for companies as they bring learning closer to their work. River dynamically recommends fresh learning resources, which means companies will need less administrative support to curate content on their SharePoint sites. The built-in learning structure and automated workflows in River also take the work out of creating and sustaining collaborative learning groups, meaning companies can more quickly and efficiently drive learning to the point of need.

SCORM, AICC and Tin Can (xAPI) Compliant – River complies with SCORM, AICC and Tin Can (xAPI) standards. The new content handler within River supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 2nd Edition, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, SCORM 2004 4th Edition, SCORM Cloud, AICC HACP, Tin Can API (xAPI), LETSI RTWS and PENS. Companies can now load their e-learning courseware into River and have full reporting and tracking against course completion and test scores, making it easier to consume, play, record and track e-learning in River.

“These new features came about through a deeper understanding of what companies need and want from the phenomenon of social learning. While most learning occurs through social and informal means, companies still spend the majority of their time, budgets and resources on formal methods. River now blends some of that formal structure into social learning activities, allowing companies to measure the impact of their strategies and gain clarity into how social learning addresses business goals,” said Randy Emelo, president and CEO of River.

River continues to pioneer new best practices for corporate social learning, and was recently named a cloud company to watch in 2014 by the Stratus Awards. For more information about River, please visit the new website at or schedule a demo to experience the new River firsthand.

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About River

River is a SaaS social learning solution that uses a proprietary algorithm to make smart recommendations for people as they take part in learning activities and groups as learners and advisors. River suggests the right people, content, courses and conversations people should be connecting with to improve their skills or share their expertise. The software filters these recommendations through the lens of an organization’s competencies and other factors so that learning is targeted and personalized. River then helps people engage one another in learning activities through collaboration tools and a learning structure built into the software.

River supports organizational learning in any form, such as peer learning, communities of interest, coaching, modern mentoring, performance management, talent development, training, courses, MOOCs and eLearning. Based in Denver, Colorado, River helps companies large and small across all industry segments, including Humana, Sodexo, Monsanto, AT&T, McDonalds’s, U.S. Bank, URS, WOW! and WhiteWave Foods.



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