River Celebrates National Mentoring Month with New MEGA Guide to Mentoring Relationships

Denver, January 2, 2020— In celebration of National Mentoring Month, the mentoring experts at River have published a new eBook to help mentees and mentors get more from their mentoring relationships.

In the new MEGA Guide to Mentoring Relationships, River shares tips and ideas on how to:

  • Make your mentoring relationship a personalized learning experience
  • Set priorities within your relationship
  • Mentor someone
  • Leverage the 3 R’s of a mentoring relationship
  • Close a relationship

“We realize that not everyone innately knows what to do in order to make their mentoring relationship successful. While people may be eager to participate in mentoring, that doesn’t necessarily translate into readily available knowledge and skills that can help them create a more effective relationship. Our new eBook offers the support and guidance that people need in order to build productive and meaningful mentoring relationships,” said Chris Browning, CEO of River.


As mentoring experts, the team at River not only supports their clients with award-winning mentoring software, but they also ensure that the broader mentoring community has access to quality resources and thoughtful materials that can help people do more with mentoring. The MEGA Guide to Mentoring Relationships eBook is one such resource. It takes a deep dive into the interpersonal aspects needed to help people create profound mentoring connections.

To celebrate National Mentoring Month, River is offering this eBook for free. Download your copy today!

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