Getabstract and Triple Creek Form Strategic Partnership

Denver, April 2, 2014—getAbstract, the world’s largest provider of business book summaries, and Triple Creek, a leading provider of enterprise social learning and knowledge sharing software, have launched an integrated solution that will provide mutual customers with access to getAbstract’s business book summaries directly from Triple Creek’s social learning platform. Recommended getAbstract summaries will be featured for River social learning participants through River’s patent-pending matching algorithm based on such factors as the competencies they identify and the social learning engagements they are involved in.

“Micro-learning is the wave of the future. People just don’t have time to sit through days of training or read hundreds of pages of a book. They need information and insights right now, so that they can immediately apply it to their jobs and in turn be more productive,” said Randy Emelo, president and CEO of Triple Creek. “Integrating getAbstract’s business book summaries directly into River offers people a great way to get the critical information and concepts they need while immersed in a River learning experience. Sharing with others about concepts they read and collaborating with peers on timely issues just reinforces the learning and helps them put concepts into action.”

Sorting through the constant influx of new content is one of the biggest challenges of providing effective learning resources for teams. getAbstract makes it easy by putting thousands of new publications through a rigorous selection process and only summarizing the most relevant, useful knowledge. Each getAbstract summary is organized into a concise format that highlights the most important concepts and strategies from leading business books, TED talks and economic reports. Users can choose from over 10,000 summaries, in 7 languages, and they are available 24/7 on PCs and mobile devices.

River, winner of a 2013 Gold Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Advance in Social Learning Technology, helps organizations expand meaningful learning through competency-centered learning engagements that have structure and goals connected to them. The matching algorithm in River makes smart recommendations to help participants connect with the right people, content and topical groups so that they get the most from their learning activities. Through this process, River provides participants with suggested getAbstract summaries that are relevant to their learning needs within the framework of River’s social learning experience, ultimately helping people put content into context.

In the 2013 HCM Advisory Group “A Pulse on Social Learning” state of the industry report, researchers found that 63.9 percent of organizations are motivated to use social learning to support a culture of learning. They also report that 53.3 percent of organizations are using social learning to support communities of practice. The integrated solution between getAbstract and River can help companies achieve these outcomes.

“Bringing expert business book summaries into the context of social learning elevates the power of both, and it can help companies support their employees in a dynamic way that lets them learn, connect, collaborate, and apply their new findings in much more meaningful and powerful ways,” said Michel Koopman, Chief Executive Officer at getAbstract, Inc. “This helps employees make informed and intelligent decisions that impact their daily work and the success of their company.”

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