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Let the pioneers of mentoring software make it easy for you to launch, manage, measure, and scale your mentoring initiatives.

Launch, manage, measure, and scale your mentoring programs

Launch, manage, measure and scale

your mentoring programs

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River is award-winning mentoring software trusted by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small and medium size businesses, and professional associations since 1999.

Manage, Track, and Grow

From our proprietary matching algorithm and competency-based focus, to our program-driven reports and expert training and support, River has all of the factors you need to be successful with mentoring.

Contact us to learn more about River and to discover how our expertise and longevity as mentoring software innovators can translate into a successful mentoring program for you. With River, you can do more with mentoring.

Mentoring Software Features


Configure River’s mentoring software to suit the needs of your mentoring program(s).

  • Run multiple programs from one interface and control who participates in those programs
  • Brand the site with your unique name and logo, and brand programs with distinct messaging and imagery.
  • Choose the types of mentoring you want to offer (e.g., paired mentoring, group mentoring/mentoring circles, situational mentoring, reverse mentoring, cross-functional mentoring)
  • Identify who can be in your mentoring program and which role(s) they will play


Get smart and easy matching with River’s proprietary algorithm.

  • Configure and weight the matching algorithm for each program
  • Decide how matches will be made in each program (i.e., self-directed, administrator matched, and/or bulk match)
  • Get smart recommendations based on competency growth areas and strengths
  • Link people across functions, locations, and generations
  • Facilitate/seed learning relationships for program participants


Monitor and manage your program(s) through a single administrative portal.

  • Manage your mentees’ and mentors’ participation in one or more programs via user and audience management tools
  • Measure impact by scheduling monitoring check-ins with program participants using River’s proprietary Monitoring Tool.
  • Curate learning resources for specific program audiences to ensure access to mentoring best practices for program participants
  • Ensure ongoing participant engagement via built-in notifications and program-level communication


Get the data and metrics you need to measure success. Common measures to assess include:

  • Participation numbers
  • Mentoring activity
  • Satisfaction metrics
  • Speed to competency, which measures the competencies people focused on in their relationship(s) and the gains they made

Business mentoring use examples

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a natural fit for mentoring. In fact, research has shown that a diverse network can help support deeper learning, spark more innovation, increase performance and productivity, and generate better overall collaboration.

With River’s mentoring software and services, you can support D&I through mentoring programs that bring people together regardless of age, gender, location, or title.

As the numbers show, diversity-focused mentoring programs are one of the tops ways companies can develop a diverse and inclusive workforce. Let River help you create dynamic and diverse mentoring networks. Contact us to get started today!


When someone joins your company, how easy is it for them to learn the ropes, build a new network, get up to speed, and dive into the work you hired them to do?

With a mentoring program powered by River, you can help your new employees tap into the knowledge resources of your company from day one—and make them feel like they are cared about right from the start.

Contact us today to learn how you can make mentoring part of your onboarding success story.

High Potential Programs

Mentoring and high-potential programs go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, this often also means a huge administrative burden goes along with running a mentoring program for your high-potentials. Well, not anymore…

River’s mentoring software easily automates the matching process and administrative tasks for you so you can run your high-potential mentoring program more efficiently. As you build your program and run it more smoothly with River, you can simultaneously increase your high-potential bench strength. How? Because 84% of high-potentials actively identify and develop potential in others.It’s the ultimate win-win. Contact us today to learn how River can make your high-potential program a mentoring mecca.

Succession Planning

Workforce demographics are changing. Millennials are rising in numbers, and Baby Boomers are retiring. Yet just 5% of companies have implemented specific policies and management practices to address the skills gap as older workers retire. (Source: SHRM-AARP Strategic Workforce Planning Survey, 2012.)

Let River help you address the skills gap and get more out of your succession planning efforts—before it ever becomes an issue.

A mentoring program powered by River can help you effectively connect key employees with trusted leaders so they can share critical knowledge before they leave. This helps guarantee a functional “bench” for your organization’s leadership—and provides a smooth transition can occur as the old guard leaves and the new generation takes over.

Contact us today to learn more about how a mentoring program driven through River’s mentoring software can play a role in your succession planning efforts.

So what are you waiting for? Contact River today to schedule a demo of our mentoring software.

“River is really a special product because it takes all the elements of social interactions and wraps them into a learning structure that leverages a company’s competency model and the experiences of their employees. The participants have very intentional and focused conversations that help them attain a specific learning goal or do their jobs better.”

Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group

Mentoring Software Results & Feedback

What Our Clients Have To Say

Our clients have told us how River mentoring software improved their mentoring programs, impacted their users, and put them on track to solve real business problems.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say in their own words.

In our research with clients

So what are you waiting for? Contact River today to schedule a demo of our mentoring software.



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