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Denver, July 10, 2013 --- Triple Creek today announced the release of new enhancements to River, the company’s enterprise social learning and knowledge sharing software. Recognized by industry authorities such as Bersin by Deloitte and Brandon Hall Group as one of the leading social learning solutions on the market, the latest release of River includes enhancements that further facilitate employee collaboration and knowledge sharing in the context of day-to-day work.

River’s new features include:

  • A robust activity feed—similar to those of Facebook and LinkedIn—that displays the latest updates for an employee’s learning engagements on the individual’s home page. Employees can quickly view postings and activities and can "like" or directly reply with further comments.
  • Immediate recommendations on the home page that suggest people an employee can connect with or engagements to follow. Recommendations are based on an individual’s competencies, experience levels, and profile elements and are continually refreshed with each home page visit.
  • The ability to "follow" any public learning engagement. For those engagements that are designated as private, employees must request permission to join.

"These social-type features are immediately familiar to employees and are designed to increase adoption and participation and to foster engagement. However, it’s important to note that River isn’t just another social network," said Randy Emelo, president and CEO of Triple Creek. "River is designed to bring employees together in structured learning engagements based on business goals, job roles, and day-to-day information needs. River centers on context, collaboration and competencies that pull people together in a very deliberate way."

Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing among coworkers continues to be a top priority for leadership. In IBM’s 2012 study, Leading through Connections, 75 percent of CEOs identified collaboration as a critical trait for employees. The 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report, The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies, found that two-thirds of available opportunities for increased business value in any company are dependent upon improving communication and collaboration within and across the enterprise.

River is based on a patent-pending matching algorithm, which meaningfully connects employees based on competency and skills data, along with profile elements, to support a broad spectrum of uses. Reports and dashboards bring insight into employee adoption and use, organizational skill gaps, key subject matter experts, and potential training needs. Brandon Hall Group’s recently published white paper, The Shifting Workforce: Driving Development through Dynamic Learning Networks (available for download), highlights the use of River by Humana, Monsanto, UnitedHealth Group, and URS.

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